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Beasiswa ADS Australia - Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) 2009/2010

Beasiswa ADS Australia Terbaru - Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) 2009/2010

The Main Objectives of the ADS Program are :
  • To assist Indonesian public and private institutions meet identified institutional objectives and training needs through the provision of postgraduate education to selected staff;
  • To assist individuals to increase their capacity to contribute to Indonesian institutions and professions by the provision of postgraduate study opportunities in Australia;
  • To assist alumni of the ADS scheme to maintain and update their academic and professional skills;
  • To promote Indonesia and Australia's equity in development policies;
  • To deliver training that complements the human resource development goals outlined in AusAID's Indonesian Country Program Strategy; and
  • To select high quality candidates with the ability to succeed at tertiary study in Australia, with minimal extensions and with the abiliity contribute to Indonesia's development.
Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) are funded by the Government of Australia for postgraduate study at Australian universities. The main goal of ADS is to promote Indonesia's human resource capacity to contribute to four areas of development priority:Sustainable Growth and Economic Management; Investing in People; Democracy, Justice and Good Governance; and Safety and Peace. Selection ProcessAll applicants are considered by an independent Joint Selection Committee comprised of Australian and Indonesian academics. Only those shortlisted will be interviewed. The interview will assess candidates’ academic ability, clarity of study goals, cultural adaptability. A critical consideration will be how well the ADS applicant is able to explain the relevance of their proposed study area to the development of Indonesia. The interview will be accompanied by an IELTS test of English language proficiency. Final selection is objective and based on the principles of merit and equity.

Notification Of The Selection ResultAll applicants will be advised whether or not they have been shortlisted for an interview. All interviewed applicants will be notified whether or not they have been awarded an ADS. The agencies of Public sector nominees will also be notified. The result is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Notification will include details of pre-departure training (English, academic skills, cultural preparation). This training is compulsory and full-time.

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AusAID and the ADS Program Office

Your scholarship is provided by the Australian Government as part of Australia’s program of development cooperation with Indonesia. The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) is the agency responsible for the Overseas Aid program of the Australian Government. The Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) is part of AusAID’s commitment to human resource development in Indonesia.

ADS Project Office
AusAID has contracted IDP Education Pty Ltd to administer and manage your scholarship. IDP has formed the ADS Project Office to carry out this task.

If you need assistance or further information on your scholarship, you should contact the ADS project office on:
phone: (021)527 7648, fax: (021)527 7649
or e-mail: info(at)

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