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Beasiswa (Ads) 2007-2008 Australian Development Scholarships Untuk S2 Dan S3

Pemerintah Australia melalui ADS (Australian Development Scholarships) setiap tahun memberikan beasiswa kepada pelajar yang berasal dari negara berkembang termasuk Indonesia untuk menempuh studi Pasca Sarjana di perguruan tinggi / universitas terkemuka di Australia. Untuk tahun ajaran 2007-2008 sebanyak 300 beasiswa ditawarkan kepada pelajar dari Indonesia meliputi beasiswa S2 dan beasiswa S3 bidang Basic Social Services, Economic Management, Practice, Democratic Institutions dan Security and Stability. Beasiswa ADS meliputi: Biaya SPP, tiket pulang pergi australia, kerja lapangan, tempat tinggal, biaya hidup, kesehatan, bimbingan belajar, pelatihan bahasa inggris.

Each year, the Australian Government sponsors people from some developing countries to study in Australia through Australian Development Scholarships (ADS). The Australian Development Scholarship program in Indonesia aims to promote private and public sector human resource development in areas of agreed development priority.

Scholarships are generally available for full-time post-graduate study, from master degree level to PhD at Australian universities . Priority is given to fields of study that assist development goals. From time to time the Australian government and Indonesia review these criteria and adjust the emphasis of the program.

The broad areas of agreed priority in 2007/2008 are Economic Management, Democratic Institutions and Practice, Basic Social Services and Security and Stability. Areas of agreed priority will be updated whenever more information becomes available. Note : Priority development areas (or sectors) are not fields of study. The fields of study are listed beneath the priority development areas.

Types of Scholarships

In Indonesia, Australian Development Scholarship program offered in two categories:

* Public Sector: the Public sector applicants are employees from Government departments, state universities and state owned enterprises. Their applications must be approved by training or foreign cooperation bureaus (BKLN) / Education & Training Center (Pusdiklat) / Rector of their agencies before being submitted to the ADS Office.

* Open Sector: individuals may independently apply for a scholarship in open category. There may be some specific selection and eligibility criteria

"Targeted Scholarships: Public Sector and Other" candidates are employed by agencies associated with AusAID projects or AusAID related activities, including government organizations, state owned enterprises, non-government organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs) and key state and private higher education institutions which service the training needs of these organizations. Suitable applicants will be identified through the assistance of a Human Resource Development (HRD) Planning Specialist working with these target agencies . Their nomination must be facilitated through the Australian Team Leader (ATL) or the relevant representative of an AusAID activity . Up to 50% of all awards will be assigned to this category, including 6 scholarships to the Bali health sector.

Applicant Requirements

General Requirements

Scholarship Applicants must:

* be an Indonesian citizen and not have permanent residence in Australia or New Zealand;
* not be married or engaged to a person who is eligible to hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence;
* satisfy Australian Government requirements for international student entry to Australia (health, character etc.);
* not hold a scholarship that would give overlapping benefits;
* not have held an Australian Government Scholarship in the 12 months preceding the application;
* be applying to commence a new course of study and not be seeking support through ADS for a course already commenced in Australia ;
* be able to take up the scholarship in the year in which it is offered; and
* satisfy the admission requirements of the Australian tertiary institution in which the course is to be undertaken.

Specific Requirements

Scholarship Applicants must:

* be applying for courses that fall within the areas of development priority;
* have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.9 (on a scale of maximum 4.0) and an English language proficiency of at least 5.0 in IELTS (500 in Institutional TOEFL or 170 in International TOEFL). The IELTS or TOEFL result must be current (a test result obtained in 2006 or 2007 will be considered current);
* already hold an undergraduate degree, if applying for a Masters ;
* already have a Masters , if applying for a doctorate ;
* apply for a degree at a level higher than their current highest qualification;
* if applying for doctorate, applicants must be staff of universities, higher education institutions, research institutes, key policy makers and targeted candidates in other agencies associated with AusAID activities. It is highly desirable for doctorate applicants to have a letter of support from Australian university for their proposed field of study;
* answer all relevant questions on the application form; and
* be willing and available to take full-time English for Academic Purposes ( EAP ) training in Indonesia prior to studying in Australia if offered a scholarship
* be no more than 42 at time of application.

Submitting the Application

To complete your application you will need to submit the following documents:

* 3 (three) Copies of completed Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) application form
* 3 (three) Copies of Birth Certificate / passport / Identity Card (KTP)
* 3 (three) Copies of Certified Certificate from S1 for Master and Doctorate applicants
* 3 (three) Copies of Certified Transcript from S1 for Master and Doctorate applicants
* 3 (three) Copies of Certified Certificate from S2 for Doctorate applicants
* 3 (three) Copies of Certified Transcript from S2 for Doctorate applicants
* 3 (three) Copies of IELTS or TOEFL results (minimum obtained in 2006 or 2007)
* 3 (three) Copies Reference Letter from S2 supervisor for Doctorate applicants
* 3 (three) Copies of research outline for Master (full research) and Doctorate applicants
* 3 (three) Copies of CV (Curriculum Vitae).

How to Apply?

1. Submit / send 3 (three) copies of the completed ADS application forms together with the required documents to ADS office directly in person or through mailing post or courier service.

2. ADS will send notification letter to all applicants.

More informations and application are available at:

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