Friday, March 19, 2010

Competitive Research Grant by Danone Institute

Deadline for Submission

Apr 30, 2010 for research Jan - Dec 2011

About Us
Indonesian Danone Institute Foundation was incorporated in May 2007 a an independent, non-profit organization, separated from the Danone business units. The Foundation is supported by eight Scientifice Members from various institutions in Indonesia.

Promote the advancement and sharing of knowledge in the areas of diet, nutrition and health, focusing to address current and prevent future major local nutritional and health issues such as double-burden nutrition problems (under nutrition and over nutrition) of low-income Indonesian populations (Social Economic Class CDE).

Promote scientific research findings fieldworks recognized by local and international scientific communities in the related disciplines to the above mission, especially those leading to the creation of the low-cost food and safe water solutions to address the major local nutritional and health issues.

The scientific community gathered under DII shall be:
1. A link between scientists, and nutrition, health & education professionals, who bring relevant scientific knowledge to the attention of the public.
2. A clearing house for information on nutrition and diet-related subjects.

- To encourage the established research institutions pursuing new scientific findings/discoveries
- To reduce funding barrier for talented scholars in pursuing their doctorate thesis and encourage better quality researches
- To promote quality scientfic research of Indonesian scientists and bring stronger credibility of these findings & discoveries through the appearance in relevant international journals.

Our Programs
1. Competitive research Grant for Doctorate students through educational institutions.
2. Publication grant for publishing Indonesian research papers in international journals.
3. Competitive Research Grant for established research Institutions (educational institutions - universities, colleges, - reputable NGOs, and other research-related institutions).

Themes for the Competitive Scientific Research Grants


1. Pregnant & lactating women
2. Children under the age of 2 years
3. Female adolescence (age 10 - 18 / premarital age)
4. Women of reproductive age

Improve maternal and child nutrition of the poor, which include:
- Innovation in the development of nutritionally balance and affordable complementary feeding for children 6-24 months.
- New effective strategies in communication, education and information (KIE) to reinforce the role of breastfeeding, especially exclusive breastfeeding.
- Development of local food products to fulfill nutritional needs of women.

Research on molecular biology, which are related to the above sub-themes

Scope of Research
- Nutrition related genetic

Dietetic and Clinical Nutrition:
- Nutritional related degenerative diseases
- Nutritional related communicable diseases
- Community & Public Health Nutrition

Nutrition and health promotion:
- Life style / Behavior change
- Environmental health

Food Security and Policy:
- Food security and safety
- Poverty
- Food economics
- Food and nutrition policy

All year around

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Agus said...

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I'm " Agus Purwadi " my college S-1 , Economic
If you want to see me , please call me at: 081225968127 or Email :
Thank s for attention

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